Top 10 Outstanding Places to Visit in Kazakhstan 2023-24

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11. Lake Kaindy

The lake is well-known for the large quantity of dead and bleached spruce trees that protrude from the water.

10. Kolsai Lakes National Park

This lake is surrounded by high mountains. The reflection of trees and mountains in the blue waters of the lake creates an added attraction.

9. Almaty

Almaty is famous for its natural beauty, which includes breathtaking alpine scenery, snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and crystal-clear lakes.

8. Ile Alatau National Park

The Ile-Alatau National Park in Kazakhstan offers visitors unrivaled views of grass steppes, alpine forests, and snow-capped mountain ranges.

7. Aktau

The beaches of Aktau are a prominent tourist destination, and are most popular from late May to late August, when the weather is warmer.Along the seashore, Aktau has both rocky slopes and sandy beaches.

6. Oskemen

Oskemen is the one of the top attraction in Kazakhstan.

5. Aktobe

Kazakhstan's Aktobe area is a big industrial sector. The mining and chemical industries, as well as ferrous metallurgy, form the foundation of the industrial sector.

4. Kokshetau

Kokshetau is the Akmola Region's economic, educational, and cultural hub. Akmola Regional Museum of History and Local Lore, Bukpa Hill, Kokshetau City Park, Kokshetau City History Museum, and Museum of Literature and Art are among the attractions in and near Kokshetau.

3. Turkistan

The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is Turkistan's most significant historical and cultural asset. Hazrat Sultan International Airport serves the city.

2. Shymkent

Shymkent, the country's third largest city and home to some of the most stunning and well-preserved Silk Road cities and architecture, is a must-see.

1. Nur-Sultan/Astana

The Parliament House, Supreme Court, Ak Orda Presidential Palace, and several government offices and agencies are all located in Astana.