10 Outstanding Places Visit in France of 2023

10. Corsica

Corsica, often known as "France's Isle of Beauty," has different scenery and a distinct culture that makes it appear to be a little continent.

9. Normandy

This place is known for its immense beauty and culture. The white cliffs of Etretat are a great place to enjoy the natural scenery of the area.

8. Nice

Nice is located on the French Riviera in a gorgeous location. The city's pebbly beaches, intriguing museums, boutique boutiques, and Baroque-style palaces will appeal to both beachgoers and cultural vultures.

7. Avignon

Avignon has some of the most stunning art and architecture in France. Full of magnificent monuments, notably the 14th-century Palais des Papes, the world's largest Gothic palace, and the Pont d'Avignon, an arched bridge.

6. Colmar

Colmar is considered one of France's most beautiful cities, you can see it here Colorful houses, and you can take a boat tour through Colmar's canal.

5. French Alp

You'll find some of Europe's top ski slopes here, as well as breathtaking scenery that rivals any piece of art or architecture.

4. Toulouse City

Toulouse is one of the oldest cities founded in 1229, this city is famous for pink city or la Ville Rose.

3. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy is one of France's most visited attractions, rising over the sea like a fairy tale castle.

2. Strasbourg City

Because of its location on the France-Germany border, the capital of the Alsace region offers the ideal blend of French and German culture. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit in this city.

1. Paris City

As the world's best place to visit, you can visit the City of Lights, the Eiffel Tower and incredible architecture in Paris.