10 Outstanding Places to Visit in Georgia 2023

10. Tallulah Gorge State Park

Tallulah Gorge State Park is a true natural gem, providing tourists with scenic beauty, a suspension bridge, and recreational options.

9. Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island has almost eight miles of white sandy beaches, The Beach is one of the most photogenic in Georgia. 

8. Kazbegi

Kazbegi Municipality is noted for its gorgeous location in the Greater Caucasus mountains, and it is a popular destination for mountain climbers and trekkers.

7. Callaway Gardens

The place, which boasts of the world's largest azalea garden, is visited by more than 750,000 tourists every year. There are many outdoor activities and natural beauty to be found here.

6. Athens, GA

Athens, Georgia's classical city, is one of the best destinations to visit for anyone interested in learning about the rich culture of a college town.

5. Ushguli

Ushguli famous for UNESCO World Heritage Site, Historical and Cultural Attractions, Scenic Beauty, Hiking and Adventure, and old houses built in between 9th and 12th centuries.

4. Atlanta

Atlanta is well-known for its world-renowned hip-hop culture, Civil Rights Movement history, and as the birthplace of Coca-Cola.

3. Helen

Helen is well known for its yearly Oktoberfest celebrations, during which attendees don dirndls and lederhosen, dress in traditional garb, dance to polka music, and savor German cuisine and beverages.

2. Savannah

Its historic buildings, ranging in style from Greek Revival to French Gothic, are concentrated in the city center. The best things to do in Savannah are having a beer in a pub with a colonial feel or enjoying a drink at the rooftop bar.

1. Tbilisi

There's a lot to see and see in Tbilisi, from ancient cathedrals and old-world architecture to delicious cuisine and wine bars.