The Top 10 best places to visit in Malawi 2024

By - Techduniyahindi, 10:30 am

10. Liwonde National Park

The park has Malawi's largest population of elephants, black rhinoceros, cheetahs and waterbuck.

9. Mzuzu

Mzuzu, Malawi, is well-known for its closeness to Lake Malawi and the country's largest national park, Nyika. 

8. Majete Wildlife Reserve

It is the only reserve in Malawi where visitors can see the majestic giraffe and African wild dog.

7. Shire Highlands

The Shire Highlands in Malawi are known for their rolling hills, lush gardens, sunsets and active tea plantations.

6. Marelli Island archipelago

The Marelli Islands in Malawi are well-known for their natural beauty, wildlife, and activities.

5. Blantyre 

The city is known as the best city for food and nightlife. The city is particularly renowned for its artistic style, including religious and funerary art, mosaics, traditional Bedouin costume and jewellery.

4. Likoma Island

Likoma Island in Malawi is famous for the Anglican Cathedral of Likoma, the third largest cathedral in Central Africa. and also you can see here Best for luxury and flawless beaches.

3. Cape Maclear

The island is known for its freshwater diving, kayaking, and hammocks.

2. Lake Malawi National Park

Lake Malawi National Park is famous for its natural beauty, wildlife, and fish diversity.

1. Lilongwe 

Lilongwe, Malawi, is renowned for its music scene, nightlife, and wildlife sanctuary.