10 Best Places to Visit in Albania in 2024

By - Techduniyahindi, 12:00

10. Ksamil 

Ksamil, Albania is well-known for its beaches, which are regarded as some of Europe's most beautiful. 

9. Bovilla Lake

Lake Bovilla is one of Albania's most magnificent hidden gems. This reservoir provides the majority of the drinking water for Albania's capital city, Tirana.

8. Butrint National Park

Butrint National Park is the most well-known attraction in southern Albania, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site is the country's most visited archeological park.

7. Mount Dajti National Park

Mount Dajti National Park is located around 25 kilometers east of Tirana. It's the most accessible mountain in the country.

6. The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye of Albania is a natural phenomenon and a famous tourist destination recognized for its exquisite turquoise waters and breathtaking beauty.

5. Gjirokaster

Gjirokastër, Albania, is famous for its surviving Ottoman architecture, fortress and Cold War tunnel.

4. Towns of The Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is famous for its beaches, blue waters and mountainous surroundings.

3. Osumi Canyon

The Osumi Canyons are Albania's greatest canyons, known for their outdoor activities, greenery, and rafting. 

2. Berat

Berat, Albania, is known as the City of a Thousand Windows and is recognized for its rich history, distinctive architecture, and white buildings.

1. Tirana

Tirana, Albania, is well-known for its bunkers, including the former underground bunker BUNK'ART, which has been converted into a modern art and history museum.